We know the reality of our Missions, we know that they require a certain uncommon strength in faith and in action. It's our job here, at home, to support our missionaries as they change the face of communities in the goals of providing relief, spirituality, and hope. We currently have a presence in 17 countries, where we offer assistance in health, nutrition, education, social development, leadership training, the societal promotion of women and children, ecology, legal assistance, and an array of pastoral works. Our missionaries may go in as foreign missionaries, but they become recognized and loved local figures. They immerse themselves in new and different cultures in order to spread the Gospel and lead by example. It doesn't matter the condition, economic status, or mentality of the locals, we stand for the people, their well-being, and fair treatment.

Summer Campaign 2018

Five Reparation Sisters oversee the girls of Divine Redemption’s Convent in Dorokhu, Myanmar. Dorokhu Parish consists of some 246 families with a total of 1,477 Catholics registered with the Parish in the Loikaw Diocese just this past year. The...

2018 Fall Campaign

It has been a year since my trip to Myanmar. Lately, I have been reflecting on my time there, for any lessons that I may have missed; Myanmar had so many to give. Still today, we receive harrowing stories about attempts to overcome poverty; we rece...

2018 Advent Campaign

By now you’ve heard us talk about the threat of Boko Haram and Islamic Extremism in Cameroon several times. It’s difficult to imagine I’m sure; it seems a world apart from this one. It’s hard to think how we could bring any joy...

Lent Appeal 2019

For you are dust, and to dust you shall return. It is a stark reminder, one that launches us into Lent each year on Ash Wednesday. This reminder of our mortality and creation is not a threat, but rather a promise: that He creates us, and He wants u...