The PIME Missionaries are Catholic priests and brothers who commit themselves to lifelong missionary service, especially to non-Christians. PIME's priority is the proclamation of the Gospel. We strive to be creative in our presence and witness as we engage in the promotion of dialogue among people of all religions and cultures. We are actively involved in human development and the promotion of justice and peace. Our ministries include the foundation of schools, hospitals and clinics, orphanages, and founding new Catholic communities and providing their pastoral care.



The PIME Missionaries have their roots in the Lombard Seminary for Foreign Missions and the Pontifical Seminary of Sts. Peter and Paul for Foreign Missions. PIME (The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) came into being on July 30th, 1850 in Saronno, Milan, a commune of Lombardy, Italy. This was all thanks to the great heart of Pius IX, who gave a fervent push for foreign missions.

76 years later, PIME was officially founded by Pius IX Iin 1926, when he united the seminaries of Milan (1850) and Rome (1871). The two merged to become the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, Pontificium Institutum pro Missionibus Exteris, or the name we know and use today, PIME.

Our charitable works serve to act as a beacon of hope for others from our Mission Center in the United States across the rest of the globe. Through our Sponsorships at a Distance program we provide aid for needy children, youth, disabled, and seminarians. Our Mission Projects program offers opportunities to help our mission communities with specific projects such as creating medical clinics, clean water initiatives, housing construction, and building orphanages and chapels.

We cannot do it alone. Our missionaries need assistance to do what they do best. It's our job to provide what these dedicated men need to transform lives and bring hope, relief, and support to the underprivileged.

Our missionary Priests and Brothers service the underprivileged in 17 countries, bringing them hope, healing, and the Gospel message. These men commit themselves to lifelong missionary service to transform lives, both physically and spiritually, the world over.

It's our dedication to others to change the mentality of an individual, village, or community, to better others lives through the Gospel. We go into the toughest places and start from scratch, because these places need God the most, and God needs them. Throughout our history, some of these dedicated men have died as Martyrs serving in the missions, or have been recognized by the church through Sainthood.



The PIME missionaries work among the most underprivileged communities in the world in seventeen countries. We support human development and encourage social justice and peace in underdeveloped areas of nations including: Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Ivory Coast, Myanmar, Mexico, The Philippines, Japan, Guinea-Bassau, India, Italy, Papau New Guinea, Thailand, and the United States. See Stories from our missions to discover the depth of our missionaries' work.

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ways you can help pime

The PIME Missionaries can't do what they do alone. They depend on us to meet the very real needs of our missions, as they cannot access everything needed while serving in the missions. There are 3 ways you can help PIME touch the lives of others all over the world: Donate, Volunteer, and Support.


We're not in the missions for the glory or the pride of preaching the Gospel. We're there to live the Gospel and spread the primary mission of the Church: to "go and make disciples of all nations". When modern missionaries leave our native lands, we bring with us the tools of a modern world. We utilize these tools in order to foster human development in otherwise neglected corners of the globe. Our missionaries provide modern solutions, such as solar power and water purification, to address age-old issues of survival. We provide for the physical needs of communities so that we can better address their spiritual needs as well.

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The entire purpose of PIME Missionaries is to apply the teachings of the Gospel across different cultures. We aim to transform the lives of entire communities. From the time PIME was founded in 1850 to the present day, PIME's priests and brothers have been guiding lights in places lacking the Word of Jesus Christ. It's the sole purpose of missionary work to provide hope and healing, not only to those in poor or suffering countries, but to those in wealthy and well-developed countries as well. We need you to join us in proclaiming the Word of Jesus Christ, healing bodies and spirits, establishing new Catholic communities, and providing for the physical needs of our missionaries and those they serve. Will you stand by our side in supporting social justice, regardless of one's religious affiliations?

Recent Updates

PIME USA Donors Provide Safety to Convent and School

Published Thu, Nov 15, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Sr. Rose Mary Khin Pan has informed us that the project for the security of St Luke’s Convent, in Nam Sang village in Myanmar has been completed. A newly constructed security wall protects the convent and school, which was exposed to the risk of intruders and theft. The implementation of this security wall now keeps the sisters and children safe in the complex.

Sr. Rose Mary and the children are grateful for the help of the PIME Mission Center and its supporters for this much needed and invaluable help. St. Luke’s Convent is home to poor children, especially orphans, the marginalized and the needy. The sisters care for the children’s education and vocation. All now feel secure to support the children entrusted to their care, providing them with needed schooling and the opportunity of other vocational skills, according to their needs and interests.

The sisters offer their humble service for the good of these poor children and their community exists to highlight faith and worship in proclaiming the Gospel and in bearing witness to God’s mercy towards others. St Luke’s Convent is a place where peace and love embrace these children, who thank you for providing for their safety.

10044_Completion.jpg  10044_Completion_2.jpg 10044_Completion_3.jpg


PIME Donors Assist Poor with Clean Water

Published Thu, Nov 08, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Fr. Dugumpudi Vijaya Paul has updated the PIME Mission Center that through the help of PIME USA donors, the borewells project has been implemented in 7 communities of 5 villages (Velair, Kyathampalli, Kistajigudem, Pallagutta, Malakpalli) in the Diocese of Warangal, India. So far, the project has benefitted 295 poor rural families and tremendously improved their daily lives. They spend less time and energy having to gather water and hygiene and health have been dramatically improved with safe and clean drinking water.

More borewells are being installed in other communities soon thanks to the support of our PIME USA donors. Your help has made and continues to make a difference in the lives of those most in need throughout the world.


10015_Kistajigudem.JPG  10015_Kyatampalli_-1.JPG

10015_Kyatampalli_-2.JPG  10015_Pallagutta.JPG


Orphans Receive Beds from PIME USA Donors

Published Thu, Nov 01, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to the kindness of PIME USA donors Sr. Cecil May has implemented the renovation of St. Francis Xavier’s Orphanage. The bedrooms of the orphanage have been equipped with bunk beds, so the children will no longer have to sleep on the floor. Sister also informed us that with the funds provided she was able to purchase 36 beds rather than the 32 initially anticipated. She also informed that the floors both inside and outside the orphanage building have been repaired.

With each child now sleeping in their own bed, the spread of disease is greatly reduced, and the newly repaired floors are smooth and neat. The living conditions of these poor children have been improved as well as their health. Sister Cecil May is grateful for the help of all those who supported this project of “prevention rather than remedy.”

10043__1.jpg  10043__2.jpg

10043__3.jpg  10043_Floor_Inside.jpg


Students Helped With Bilingual Education

Published Wed, Oct 31, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to the support of PIME USA donors a bilingual education project by Fr. Luigi Scantamburlo, PIME, was implemented for the 2017-2018 school year. Fr. Luigi reports that 8 teachers and 7 monitors successfully provided bilingual education to 150 students. The children and teachers received bilingual textbooks and the children made great progress in their studies. They are better able to read and write in their own Creole language along with mastering Portuguese for communicating with teachers and peers. They are now better able to comprehend the contents of their lessons and communicate more freely in both languages.  Thanks to your care and concern for the most vulnerable, these children have a better and more positive future.

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F11_Unificada.jpg  F12_Unificada.jpg









The Disabled Continue to Receive Critical Care from PIME USA Donors

Published Fri, Oct 12, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

With the continued support of PIME USA donors activities at the Bethlehem Center continue improving the lives of the disabled. The services provided with your help include: consultation and diagnosis of patients for better intervention; orthopedic surgery, providing medications to surgery patients with follow up and rehabilitation for those recovering. Staff that are supported through the project include nurses, an orthopedic surgeon, and a physical therapist. In addition, patients received post-operative care and medications at the Foundation as well as rehabilitation. Raising awareness in the community about the value of disabled persons is also a priority of this project. Thank you for your care for those most in need.

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Renovations to Boarding Homes Completed in Myanmar

Published Wed, Sep 05, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Francis Phatulu has informed us of the completion of the renovations of St. Ann’s and St. Paul’s boarding homes. He tells us that aside from much needed repairs to floors and ceilings, St Ann’s girls boarding home now has a study hall so the girls no longer have to study in the dining room. This will improve their study habits and help them learn. The study hall will also be used for the members of religious associations to hold their retreats or conduct religious courses and meetings. The renovated building now has the capacity to accommodate 50 people.

The installations of St. Paul’s boys boarding home have been also improved; the building is now neat and tidy. The boys sleep on the second floor and the first floor is a study hall. Special occasions and other activities are also held in this hall. Aside from the basic repairs needed at the two homes, Francis informed that they also were able to fix the ceiling of St. Joseph’s boarding home, something not included in the original project.

Thanks to PIME USA project donors, they reached their goal of having well-maintained rooms for all the poor boarding students who come from near or far. They are now able to maintain the health of the hostels and students in safe and sound places for the children to thrive and learn. The work was done over the summer and ready for this school year.


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Parish Center in Mvog-Ebanda, Cameroon, Completed

Published Mon, Aug 27, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Fr. Mathew Sobin Kaniyamparambil, PIME, has informed us of the completion of the Parish Center in Mvog-Ebanda thanks to the support from donors of the PIME Mission Center. He informed that with your help the project includes a residence for priests and provides temporarily shelter for the homeless and/or migrants. It also houses gatherings and meetings of various associations, is an “Evening School” for poor children and is where Catechism classes are held. The house is a meeting point for various ethnic groups.

More effective pastoral work in this area is being achieved. Our presence gives the testimony of accompaniment and of a universal Church. It assures stability and strong conviction in the Catholic faith among our baptized parishioners. All parishioners and others are welcomed. The parish is now a more dynamic and active reality, a source for unity and divinity.  Fr. Mathew and the community are grateful for your help and support with this project.

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 10032__5a.jpg 10032__7.jpg


Chapel Progress Continues in Fadjadougou

Published Sun, Jun 03, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Fr. Valmir Manoel Dos Santos, PIME, has sent us an update on the progress of the chapel in Fadjadougou.  They were able to lay the foundation with the money raised by the Christians of the community and have now built the walls.  The next phase will be to build the roof, which they hope to complete by July.  Fr. Valmir and the whole community are grateful to all the PIME USA donors whose Lenten offerings are providing a dignified place of worship for their community.  The intentions of the PIME USA donors remain in the prayers of the Christians in Fadjadougou.

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Leprosy Center Continues Serving Those in Need

Published Sun, Jun 03, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Fr. Michael D’Cruze recently updated us on the treatment, care and therapy of patients at Dhanjuri Leprosy Control Center. This Center is a charitable program of the Catholic Church of the Dinajpur Diocese in Bangladesh and serves people of all faiths in the diocese. Fr. Michael thanked PIME USA donors for their continued support of the Center, which tends to 15-20 new patients each month referred to them from clinics at a sub-district level. Patients treated early who complete the full treatment, suffer no disability. Reducing the number of those who suffer disability is the clinic’s aim.      

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Holy Spirit Seminary Theology Wing Completed

Published Sun, Jun 03, 18. Written by Kathleen Connors.

The Rector of the Holy Spirit Seminary in Dhaka, Bangaldesh, Fr. Emmanuel Rozario, has informed us that the construction project of the new Theology Wing has been completed.  The donors of the PIME Mission Center provided financial support for equipment and furniture for the new Theology Wing, for which he is grateful.   Your donations allowed for the procurement of 76 doors, 122 windows, electrical goods and furniture (51 chair & table sets and 51 beds) for the new wing. Your support of the project has created livable, usable facilities to accommodate more seminarians and lay leaders in the growth of the Church in Bangladesh.

The Catholic Bishop's Conference of Bangladesh started the National Major Seminary in Mathis House at Notre Dame College on August 23, 1973. The National Major Seminary was transferred to its own premises at Banani, Dhaka, on August 17, 1976. While celebrating its Silver Jubilee in 1999, the name of the National Major Seminary was changed to Holy Spirit Major Seminary. A total of 345 priests have received their formation from the Holy Spirit Major Seminary as of January 2017. The new wing will enable the Seminary to accommodate more seminarians for their formation to the priesthood.

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