The PIME Missionaries are Catholic priests and brothers who commit themselves to lifelong missionary service, especially to non-Christians. PIME's priority is the proclamation of the Gospel. We strive to be creative in our presence and witness as we engage in the promotion of dialogue among people of all religions and cultures. We are actively involved in human development and the promotion of justice and peace. Our ministries include the foundation of schools, hospitals and clinics, orphanages, and founding new Catholic communities and providing their pastoral care.



The PIME Missionaries have their roots in the Lombard Seminary for Foreign Missions and the Pontifical Seminary of Sts. Peter and Paul for Foreign Missions. PIME (The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) came into being on July 30th, 1850 in Saronno, Milan, a commune of Lombardy, Italy. This was all thanks to the great heart of Pius IX, who gave a fervent push for foreign missions.

76 years later, PIME was officially founded by Pius IX Iin 1926, when he united the seminaries of Milan (1850) and Rome (1871). The two merged to become the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, Pontificium Institutum pro Missionibus Exteris, or the name we know and use today, PIME.

Our charitable works serve to act as a beacon of hope for others from our Mission Center in the United States across the rest of the globe. Through our Sponsorships at a Distance program we provide aid for needy children, youth, disabled, and seminarians. Our Mission Projects program offers opportunities to help our mission communities with specific projects such as creating medical clinics, clean water initiatives, housing construction, and building orphanages and chapels.

We cannot do it alone. Our missionaries need assistance to do what they do best. It's our job to provide what these dedicated men need to transform lives and bring hope, relief, and support to the underprivileged.

Our missionary Priests and Brothers service the underprivileged in 17 countries, bringing them hope, healing, and the Gospel message. These men commit themselves to lifelong missionary service to transform lives, both physically and spiritually, the world over.

It's our dedication to others to change the mentality of an individual, village, or community, to better others lives through the Gospel. We go into the toughest places and start from scratch, because these places need God the most, and God needs them. Throughout our history, some of these dedicated men have died as Martyrs serving in the missions, or have been recognized by the church through Sainthood.



The PIME missionaries work among the most underprivileged communities in the world in seventeen countries. We support human development and encourage social justice and peace in underdeveloped areas of nations including: Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Ivory Coast, Myanmar, Mexico, The Philippines, Japan, Guinea-Bassau, India, Italy, Papau New Guinea, Thailand, and the United States. See Stories from our missions to discover the depth of our missionaries' work.

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ways you can help pime

The PIME Missionaries can't do what they do alone. They depend on us to meet the very real needs of our missions, as they cannot access everything needed while serving in the missions. There are 3 ways you can help PIME touch the lives of others all over the world: Donate, Volunteer, and Support.


We're not in the missions for the glory or the pride of preaching the Gospel. We're there to live the Gospel and spread the primary mission of the Church: to "go and make disciples of all nations". When modern missionaries leave our native lands, we bring with us the tools of a modern world. We utilize these tools in order to foster human development in otherwise neglected corners of the globe. Our missionaries provide modern solutions, such as solar power and water purification, to address age-old issues of survival. We provide for the physical needs of communities so that we can better address their spiritual needs as well.

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The entire purpose of PIME Missionaries is to apply the teachings of the Gospel across different cultures. We aim to transform the lives of entire communities. From the time PIME was founded in 1850 to the present day, PIME's priests and brothers have been guiding lights in places lacking the Word of Jesus Christ. It's the sole purpose of missionary work to provide hope and healing, not only to those in poor or suffering countries, but to those in wealthy and well-developed countries as well. We need you to join us in proclaiming the Word of Jesus Christ, healing bodies and spirits, establishing new Catholic communities, and providing for the physical needs of our missionaries and those they serve. Will you stand by our side in supporting social justice, regardless of one's religious affiliations?

Recent Updates

Bathrooms and Clean Water Provided By USA Supporters to Holy Cross Hostel

Published Thu, Apr 02, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to the help of PIME USA donors Sr. Stella Natalina is happy to report the completion of the project for the bathrooms and water tank for Holy Cross Hostel.   Sister wrote that “Toilets have been done in due time. The children are able to use them comfortably and decently. The water tank now supplies water to the washing hall, bathroom and kitchen. Both sisters and children have pure water. We are privileged to have this once in a life opportunity.”  Sister expresses her great appreciation for the help of PIME USA donors. The funds have allieviated suffering and the children feel “cherished”. She states the project has facilitated effective community work, and the sisters can better provide help to families.  The Reparation Sisters and children keep you in their prayers and are grateful for your support of this project.

New Bathrooms and Water Tank at Holy Cross Hostel



Leprosy Colony in India Grateful to PIME Supporters for Precious Help

Published Fri, Mar 20, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Mavaluru Papaiah wrote to us to thank you for your support for the Adarsha Nagar Leprosy colony and update us on this ongoing project. He wrote, “Leprosy is considered by many as not merely a medical condition, but as a condition encompassing psychological, socio-economic  and spiritual dimensions that debilitate  the individual  progressively unless properly care for. Because of the stigma associated with the disease, leprosy patients used to be forced to leave home; some were admitted to asylums or sanatoriums. Today, however, they remain within their families, although they are often looked down on and may receive little or no support from their communities.

The elderly and the other leprosy patients often become sick as they are weak. They suffer from body and joint pains, diarrhea, arthritis, gastritis, seasonal fevers, fatigue, non-healing wounds, kidney issues, and illness due to their wounds in the summer. They are given medical assistance and medicine and bandages are purchased and distributed to them regularly.The Adharsa Nagar Leprosy colony in Kurnool is exclusively for them. There are 50 families living in the colony. Among the families there are 34 elderly patients who get monthly pensions [of about $8 USD per month] from PIME. Some of the patients who cannot work due to their physical deformity sometimes beg in the cities and nearby towns.  Whereas others who are better  physically do jobs that they are able to do, like sweeping in front of shops in the morning and evenings, some of them are night watchmen, etc. That is if they feel healthy enough, otherwise they remain at home in the colony and depend on the family members and the monthly pensions from PIME for their daily food.

As the cost of living is increasing day by day, the life of the people in the leprosy colony is very challenging and people are struggling to get 3 meals a day.  In this vulnerable and helpless condition, the support of the PIME USA donors for monthly pensions and medical help is most precious. It plays a major role in living their daily life with dignity and respect. They are so happy to have this help and to live their life peacefully. Most of the patients are uneducated and simple people.

PIME not only helps us with medical care and pensions, but through the PIME sponsorship program education is given to their children, and this gives them great hope. The community has community prayer three days a week in the chapel community hall in their colony. Christmas and Easter are the major holidays they celebrate. Community games are organized, and prizes are distributed for winners in the colony during Christmas and Easter celebrations.  They celebrate together any marriages or other celebrations that take place in their colony. All the community members attend church every Sunday. They pray for PIME and the benefactors every day.

Through your loving service to the elderly lepers of the colony that Fr. Frank Raco, PIME, started here, our hope and prayer is that all of us here may come to experience and know the Lord’s LOVE and realize how precious we all are to GOD. Thank you for caring for us in such a personal and marvelous way."

Leprosy Colony Patients with Mavuluru Papaiah (back row, far left):


Lepers Continue Receiving Much Needed Help from PIME USA

Published Wed, Mar 18, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Fr. Michael D’Cruze recently updated us on the treatment, care and therapy that the patients at Dhanjuri Leprosy Control Center (DLC) continue to receive. DLC is a charitable program of the Catholic Church in the Dinajpur Diocese in Bangladesh and serves people of all faiths in the diocese. 

Fr. Michael thanked PIME USA donors for their support of the Center. He informed that in 2019 the Center treated a total of 4,465 individuals finding 273 new cases of the disease.  Last year they had a total of 238 patients on continued treatment, with 299 patients completing their full treatments.

DLC’s operations include case detection, treatment, prevention of deformity, community-based Rehabilitation and education to the community and patients. The DLC continues to support the community of Dinajpur as a center committed to the prevention, treatment and education regarding leprosy thanks to the help of PIME USA supporter.

Photos of the project - a new patient for treatment (top), home visits to patients (middle), medication provision (bottom):





PIME USA Supporters Continue Medical Aid in Eluru, India

Published Wed, Mar 18, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Bishop Rayarala and the PIME India Region have updated us on the medical dispensaries project in the Eluru Diocese. The Bishop informs us that the “dispensary access points” continue to implement health checks and medical camps in 8 villages of the PIME – Fr. Luigi Pozzoli Memorial Hospital target areas; these include Hanuman Nagar, Gavaravaram, Venkateswara Colony, Satrampadu, Xavier Nagar, Duggirala, Joseph Nagar, and Koppaka gudem. The following services continue to be provided to the needy thanks to your generosity: general medical consultations; blood sugar testing for diabetes (Kidney, etc.); blood pressure checks; orthopedic, ENT, gynecological, and dermatological consultations; screening for vision issues and optical medication and referrals to higher/government hospitals as needed by patients for counseling, medication distribution and regular follow up.





Completion of Dolaco Parish Kitchen, Loikaw, Myanmar

Published Tue, Mar 17, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Francis Phatulu has informed us of the completion of the new kitchen for the Dolaco Parish in Loikaw, Myanmar.  Francis informs that they completely rebuilt the new kitchen from the ground up.  The new room is twice the length of the old one and provides the necessary conditions for the health of all the children. He informs that the children are well nourished and in good physical condition. He and the children are grateful for a successful outcome of the kitchen construction project and look forward to equipping the new space shortly.  In his report Francis states, “We would be lost without your help”. He assures you of their prayers and those of the children for your precious support and that of PIME USA.








Orphans Receive Clean Water and Poultry

Published Tue, Jan 21, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to the help of PIME USA donors Sr. Rose Mary Khin Pan is happy to report “great results”.  They made a major repair to a usable well from which they now get water. The repaired well is now providing the Orphanage with clean water and the whole community enjoys drinking clean, fresh water. The well water is sufficient for drinking, cooking, etc. Sister reports “This is an amazing project they completed successfully. We pump water every day.”

She also has informed us they have completed the construction of the chicken coop. The old structure was completely demolished, and they built a new, larger one. Now they can breed more than one hundred chickens for meat. The new building has been solidly constructed and fenced around with wire netting, so that chickens cannot fly over the fence. The chickens will be well fed in their coop in order to prevent them from destroying plants and vegetables as well. Also just as important, they will now be totally free from bird flu infection. Sister anticipates providing the children with frequent fresh chicken meals.  Thank you for assisting the most vulnerable and needy.





Dorokhu Boarding School Secure Thanks to PIME USA Donors

Published Mon, Jan 20, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Sr. Maria Rita has informed us that the project for the security wall of the Dorokhu Girls Boarding school in Myanmar has been completed.  Sister has informed us the old collapsed wall was replaced by a new construction or reinforced in some spots where the present wall was still in good condition. The wall was also made higher.  Sister tells us of the peace the new security brings the sisters and all the girls. They no longer need to worry about animal attacks, destruction by strangers or and there is no longer a risk of intrusion. The girls are also now safely kept inside the compound, adding to their lessons in formation and social awareness. They are also free to grow vegetables and seasonal fruits within the compound.  Sister Maria Rita and the girls of Dorokhu are grateful for your support and assistance.




Update on PIME Seminary Project in India

Published Mon, Dec 23, 19. Written by Kathleen Connors.

The project for installing a new motor borewell and irrigation pipeline for cultivating the land at the PIME Valarpirai minor seminary located in Agirimangalam in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu in lndia has hit an obstacle. Fr. Augustine Mundupalakal reports they have already planted the coconut plants and completed 90% of the project work.  But before they could complete the full project, the Kaveri River unexpectedly overflowed due to heavy rains. The flood waters completely immersed the coconut field. They are trying different ways to sort out the water problem but have had continuous rain and water coming from the river. Fr. Augustine hopes that the plants are safe as the waters recede, so they may complete the project. He and the seminarians are grateful for your help and support of this project. He will keep us updated on the progress as soon as the project can be completed. He and the seminarians are grateful for the support of PIME USA donors and your continued prayers for them, as you remain in theirs.




Vacation Bible School a Success in Myanmar

Published Thu, Oct 24, 19. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to your support over 1,300 kids in 10 locations got to enjoy summer vacation bible school camps! And a rarity in the Shan state, let alone the country of Myanmar.  Instruction was through games, discussion, sharing, dance and other fun activities. Camp included lunch, snacks and instructional materials with the collaboration of area pastors, teachers and volunteers.  The Karen Hill Tribe children were able to experience something that they will surely not forget any time soon, and they know that it is thanks to PIME USA supporters like you!










Wankan Hostel Bathrooms Completed in Myanmar

Published Thu, Oct 24, 19. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to the help of PIME USA donors Fr. Camillo Lo has completed the renovation of the Wankan hostel bathrooms.  Fr. Camillo informs us the construction of the bathroom project went quickly, finishing in just a month. As the Wankan parish is one of the remotest areas of the Taunggyi Archdiocese transportation is more difficult, and materials are more costly. But with your help the children are now healthier and happier with their new bathrooms. Fr. Camillo tells us that parishioners in Wankan also feel morally supported. The parish and Fr. Camillo are extremely grateful to all of the PIME USA donors who supported this project, and they keep you in their daily prayers. 





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