The Sponsorship At A Distance Program was built to serve children, youth, disabled persons, and seminarians

Formerly known as the Foster Parents – Adoption at a Distance and Native Seminarians programs, the Sponsorship at a Distance program covers the expenses for those individuals you personally select. The overall program encompasses support to the physical and spiritual needs of these people worldwide. This program allows you to make a difference in someone’s life by supporting PIME as we provide care for these underprivileged people. 


When you choose to donate to PIME, your donation provides: Nutritious food, Clothing, Medical Care, Housing, School Supplies, Further Education Opportunities, Living Expenses, Seminarian Education, & so much more!

Ah Sang (BU41-0888)

Ah Sang is doing well so that one day he can contribute to the church and his country.

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Ai Kyai Lo

Ai Kyai Lo is currently in his last and final year of high school. He is studying extra hard this year so that he can pass his final exam and graduate from high school!

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Akash Tiriveedhi

His father is a daily worker in a musical band and his mother is a tailor. He has a younger brother who is studying in first class and a younger sister who is studying in&nbs...

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Akhil Babu Natta

His father is an auto driver. His mother is a daily worker. He has a younger brother who is studying in grade three in his own village. They are very poor. Both the parents are sickly. They are ...

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Akshaya Ravuri

Her father is a tractor driver and paid very little by the owner. Her mother is a house wife. She has two elder sisters, studying in the high school. They are a very poor family. They need ...

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Albinus Murmu

Albinus comes from a good Christian family. He has two siblings- a brother and a sister- and his father is a farmer, while his mother is a housewife. Albinus understands God's calling for him to...

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Alosious Preetham Kommareddy

His parents are farmers. Alosious has one younger brother named Bala Ruchith. Both are studying at St Vincent school and walk there every day.


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Aloysius (BU21-0995)

Aloysius is the last child of eight children in the big and poor family. There are nine children in the family including a cousin whom the parents had adopted. He will be promoted in the standar...

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Amulya Govada

Her father is a tractor driver. He is paid very little wages. Her mother is a daily worker. She has an elder brother, studying seventh class. They are very poor. They need help.

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Angiolina Moe

Angiolina Moe is the third daughter in her family. She has two elder sisters and one younger sister. Angiolina Moe is attending the village nursery school. Her parents are subsistence farme...

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Anil Igantius Marandy

He comes form a tribal family.  Anil Ignatius Marandy is the son of the late, Karlus Marandy and Sonamoni Hasdak.  He has one brother and two sisters.  He was brought up in a very...

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Anthony Shawon Rozario

Anthony comes from a very devoted Catholic family, who attend mass regularly. He knew at a young age that he wanted to join the seminary and devout his life to spreading the word of the Lord.&nb...

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