In the countries where our missionaries serve, education is most often a luxury that the average person cannot afford. Whether a child, youth, seminarian, or a person living with impairments an education can lead to a better quality of life, something that laborers cannot normally expect.

Sponsors break the vicious cycle of poverty by providing for the child’s education, housing, and food.

You can be a positive force, and help us make a big change, for just a small donation each month. Help us sponsor lasting change.

Ajoy Baskey

Ajoy is the oldest of three children coming from poor family. He has two younger brothers and one sister; he is the first to complete his education. Ajoy entered the seminary after completing ei...

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Akash Hasdak

Akash comes from a good Christian family who instilled the church's beliefs in their children at a young age. He joined the seminary with the great desire to become a priest one day. In his free...

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Anejul Apon Biswas

Anjelus is an excellent boy who comes from a underprivileged tribal family. He has one brother and two sisters, and his parents are day laborers, working hard for their landlord and not ear...


Anne Jyoce Gopu

Anna Joice is the elder of two siblings. Her father is doing a small business, and her mother is a housewife. She has one younger brother; his name is Paul Noyal. They are studying ...

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Anne Nang Thwe

Anne Nang Thwe is doing very well in school and over the summer, she joined the Catholic Youth Association. The children in that group put on performances and study the work of the Lord, si...

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Anoik Rajput

Anoik is an only child coming from two-day laborers living in a remote village with no schooling. Through the sponsorship program, Anoik can stay at the hostel and attend school; he also learns ...


Anthony Shawon Rozario

Anthony comes from a very devoted Catholic family, who attend mass regularly. He knew at a young age that he wanted to join the seminary and devout his life to spreading the word of the Lord.&nb...

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Anu Prajwal Kondaveeti

Anu is the oldest of five children and the first to attend the university. He currently lives with relatives to bike to school each day. He is an excellent student and is studying mathematics.

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Anurak Mayeo

Anurak is in kindergarten this year, and next year, he will start at the primary school in first grade. He is the youngest of four children coming from a poor family in northern Thailand. The vi...

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Aong Chaw Mo Marma

Aong Chaw Mo is the third son of four siblings; he has two older brothers and one younger sister, his older brother is a Monk, and his other brother is married. His younger sister does not go to...

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Aong Hla Nu Marma

Aong Hla Nu is the youngest in a poor family. His older brother works with his parents and likes to play soccer with his friends. He wants to be a banker and hopes to continue his education afte...

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Aong Sai Marma

Aong Sai is the oldest of three siblings. He has two younger sisters. One of his sisters is in sixth grade in a missionary school, and his other sister is too young to attend school. His parents...

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