The Sponsorship At A Distance Program was built to serve children, youth, disabled persons, and seminarians


When you choose to donate to PIME, your donation provides nutritious food, clothing, medical care, housing, school supplies, further education opportunities, living expenses, seminarian education, & so much more!

Assutna Ah Sor Mi

Assunta is one of five children coming from a poor family. Her mother, who is a graduate from the boarding school, asked the Sisters to care for Assuna and her younger sister. Assunta is a brigh...

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Aung Mid

Aung Mid is 10 years old and he lives with his family in the village of Ta Mae, in Taunggyi township. He has 2 brothers: Zaung Lae (5 years old) and Mg Oo (3 years old). Aung Mid suffers from in...

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Aung Sein (BU47-1123)

Aung Sein is one of five children coming from a remote and poverty-stricken village. His father brought him to St. Louis' Hostel almost four years ago and since then, Aung Sein has thrived in th...


Aung Soe Paing (BU47-1122)

Aung Soe Paing is one of four children living with their parents in a remote village with no schooling available. Ah Htoo brought Aung Soe Paing to the hostel in Keng Tung so that he can go to s...

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Balaswamy Gaddam

Balaswamy is knowledgeable about his faith, prayer and spirit life. He comes from a poor family, his parents are agricultural laborers but they are very active in the Catholic church. He is...

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Benedetta Mu De

The parents of Benedetta Mu De are Romano and Carmela. They are subsistence farmers. Benedetta is the first born of seven siblings: Benedetta Mue De, Catherine Mue Ke, Ernesto, Jerome, Elena, An...

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Benedetta Najii

Benedetta is the youngest of the family, and she's a bright young girl that loves to dance. She has four older sisters and one brother that she looks up to and tries to follow their lead.  ...

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Benedict Kjo

Benedict is in fifth grade at Thaukyekhat hight school and stays at St. George's boarding house due to there only being a primary school in his village. He is one of six children and they are al...

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Bijoy Zavier Tudu

Bijoy Xavier Tudu is in the sixth grand and he is a good student and is very much interested in his studies., he says he wants to be a teacher when he grows up. In his free tim...

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Bu Su

Bu Su is one of six children in the large and poor family. Her parents have struggled for years to find steady work so they can support their family, so they have sent Bu Su and a couple of her ...

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Cecilia Myint Myaint Khin

Cecilia cam from a town outside of Hsipaw in a remote village that offers no schooling or church. Cecilia and her older sister are both living at the convent and attending school, as well as dee...

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Chandon Murmu

Chandon Murmu is a good student; but his parents are so poor. His father is farmer with a small plot of land, and his income isn't enough to support the family. 

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