The Sponsorship At A Distance Program was built to serve children, youth, disabled persons, and seminarians


When you choose to donate to PIME, your donation provides nutritious food, clothing, medical care, housing, school supplies, further education opportunities, living expenses, seminarian education, & so much more!

Elizabeth Be Be

Elizabeth is in her final year of high school and looking forward to continuing her education at the university. She lives with her eldest brother while attending school, since her parents are s...

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Elizabeth Phwe Kyi

Elizabeth has recently moved from a village where there is fighting, and it is not safe for her family. Her father is in the military, and her mother is the only one caring for the five chi...

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Elizabeth Su Nadi Moe

Elizabeth is one of four children coming from a poor family in a village where there is always war. Many of the catholic families have moved to keep their families safe and to offer their c...

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Elizabeth Wine

Elizabeth lives in Wankan parish. She has five siblings. She is a good and clever girl. Her family is very poor and cannot support her education. With the help of benefactors she and her sibling...

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Emeli Hasdak

Emeli is currently in ninth grade and she is doing very well in school. She's a bright girl with dreams of continuing her education and studying at the university to become a nurse. 

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Emilia Khinlay

Emilia is 13 years old with 2 siblings. Her parents are Mr. Jerolma and Mrs. Mary. Both of them are still alive. She is in grade 7. Being poor and with limited income, she lives in the hostel. S...

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Ester Hnin Thiri Hlaing

Ester comes from a very large family having seven siblings, where she is the fourth oldest. She is currently in third grade and she does very well in school and says she would like to be a ...

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Frances Tun

Francis comes from a fairly average size family, having four siblings. Their father is a driver and their mother works in the garden, harvesting food to sell in the market. Francis is currently ...


Francis Ag Paing Oo

Francis comes from a very large family with six children! His parents earn a living by working as gardeners, but work is scarce. Francis is currently in sixth grade at Thaukyekhat High scho...

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Francisco Gnar Reh

Francisco Ngar Reh is the nineth child in a family of ten siblings born to Mario U Deh Reh and Luiza Daw Ngar Myar who are poor subsistence farmers who had moved to Dotada Village when they beca...

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Francis Hasda

Francis comes from a good Christian family who instilled the beliefs of the church in their children at a young age. He has joined the seminary with the great desire to become a priest one day. ...

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Geedi Jeeva Kranthi

Jeeva Kranthi's parents are daily laborers in the agricultural fields.  He has one older brother.  His father and mother stay in a small village.  He and his brother are studying ...

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