The Sponsorship At A Distance Program was built to serve children, youth, disabled persons, and seminarians


When you choose to donate to PIME, your donation provides nutritious food, clothing, medical care, housing, school supplies, further education opportunities, living expenses, seminarian education, & so much more!

Genevieve Moe Moe Thu

Genevene is in sixth grade and she is doing well in school, she's at the top of her class for grades and continues to do well each year. Genevieve is the youngest of six children, all of which a...

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Gerolat (BU21-1365)

Gerolat is the fifth child of seven, and their parents are day laborers, working in farms and fields since they don't have any land of their own. Work is scarce, especially when it is drought se...

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Gilbert Aung Ye Lin

Gilbert is the youngest of four children coming from a poor family being raised solely by their mother after their father was fatally shot just after Gilbert was born. Gilbert just started fifth...

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Gowtham Kukkamudi

Gowtham and his brother are being raised solely by their mother after their fathers passing three years ago. He is a very bright boy and is even studying English in his free time when he's not p...

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Himambi Bondili

Himambi is the youngest child, her older sister is already married. Both of their parents are leprosy patients and have no way of supporting Himambi or her education. 

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Hku Benedict

Hku Benedict is in very good health and has been at the boarding home for just over a year now. He is currently in nursery school and is learning to write the alphabet in both Myanmar and Englis...

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Htet Htet Lwin

Htet Htet is a very happy, healthy, and polite little girl. She is currently in the seventh grade and doing very well, she studies and it's showing in her grades. Htet Htet, loves to d...

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Htwe Ei San

Htwe Ei San is 15 years old and she lives with her family in the village of Myaung Oo, in the township of Taunggyi. She has 6 siblings, 4 of which are married and live with their own families. H...

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Ignatius Joy Hazra

Ignatius Joy is one of three boys and the first to come from his poor sub-parish to join the priesthood. His parents are both a live but donate live in good economic conditions, the village wher...

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Ila Roy

Ila Roy is now in seventh grade and she is doing very well in her studies and is at the top of her class academically. She studies hard and says that she needs to always be studying...

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Imanuela (BU31-1533)

Imanuela, age 13, is a good student who attends school regularly.  She wants to continue her education.  Her parents are farmers and have a very meager income; They are unable to meet ...

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Indupriya P

Indupriya is the oldest child of two, her younger sister is in the first grade at the same school. Both of their parents are day laborers and leprosy patients, finding work is difficult and they...

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