The Sponsorship At A Distance Program was built to serve children, youth, disabled persons, and seminarians


When you choose to donate to PIME, your donation provides nutritious food, clothing, medical care, housing, school supplies, further education opportunities, living expenses, seminarian education, & so much more!

John Melvin Garapati

John Melvin's father died of HIV/AIDS. His mother is sickly and is a cook. He has an elder sister. He is good at his studies and games. He plays all country games well. He draws very beautiful p...

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Johnny (BU01-1122)

Johnny is currently in ninth grade and doing very well in school, he's in the top of his class for his good greats and even received an award in June. In his free time, he likes to play soccer w...

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Johnvesly Gaddala

JOHNWESLY is the eldest child for his parents. He has one younger brother named JOHNWILSON studying the 5th class in the same school. Both his father & mother are leprosy patients’ chi...

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John Vijay Kumar

He was born into a lower middle class family. His father is a driver and mother was a house wife who passed away 12 years ago. He has a younger brother and a younger sister and a step-brother wh...

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Johnwilson Gaddala

JOHNWILSON is the second child of his parents. He has one elder brother named, JOHNWESLY, who is studying the 7th class in the same school. Both his father & mother are leprosy patients&rsqu...

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Joseph Byar Tha

Joseph's family is one that fled with the others, leaving what used to be their village behind. With the battles continuing and no sign of them ending anytime soon, many families grab what they ...

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Josephine Na Te

Josephine is the youngest of four children in a poor family. Josie is in her last year of Kindergarten and is doing well, preparing for elementary. 

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Joseph Sonjoy Tudu

Joseph Sonjoy Tudu is from a very poor tribal family where his parents are day laborers, trying to support their four children. Joseph is the second youngest of those children and looks up to hi...

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Joy Roy

Joy is currently in second grade of the village school in Mariampara, which is north-west of Bangladesh. Joy is one of three children and he has two older sisters, both of which are also at...

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Julie Ownmar Zaw

Julie is new to St. Agnes and is currently studying in fifth grade. She is a very bright girl with a hunger for knowledge and does very well in her school work.

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Jusphine (BU05-0172)

Jusphine lives in a small village but is lucky enough to have a school nearby when she can attend school. Jusphine's parents are older and can't work, they have asked for help in giving their ch...

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Keerthana Belle

Kerrthana is the oldest child, her younger brother Gopichand also attends school with her, he is in Kindergarten. Both of their parents are leprosy patients and have no way of supporting their c...

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