In the countries where our missionaries serve, education is most often a luxury that the average person cannot afford. Whether a child, youth, seminarian, or a person living with impairments an education can lead to a better quality of life, something that laborers cannot normally expect.

Sponsors break the vicious cycle of poverty by providing for the child’s education, housing, and food.

You can be a positive force, and help us make a big change, for just a small donation each month. Help us sponsor lasting change.

Gabriel Ah Gyi

Gabriel is currently in third grade and doing very well in his studies, he's very bright, and has even won awards for his good grades in school. Gabriel is the youngest of four children, hi...

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Genevieve Moe Moe Thu

Genevene is in sixth grade and she is doing well in school, she's at the top of her class for grades and continues to do well each year. Genevieve is the youngest of six children, all of which a...

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Ghenevic Naw Sweze Thai

Ghenevic is attending Htithasaw Boarding School, but the family is finding it difficult to afford the cost of boarding fees, stationery and school uniforms.  Her mother is struggling to sup...

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Gilbert Aung Ye Lin

Gilbert is the youngest of four children coming from a poor family being raised solely by their mother after their father was fatally shot just after Gilbert was born. Gilbert just started fifth...

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Giovanna Lar Ri

Giovanna is currently in fifth grade and doing very well in school, she's at the top of her class and even earns awards for her good grades. In her free time, she likes to sing and dance, s...

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Gloria Daw Daw

Gloria has both parents but they are extremely poor. Her parents as farmers but with the drought season upon them, work is scarce. 

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Gloria Na Hawse

Gloria and her siblings are currently at the orphanage since their father remarried. Gloria is doing very well in school and looking forward to continuing her education next year at the Universi...

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Go Vin

Go Vin is one of four children living with his family in the village of Konlon, in Taunggyi township. His parents are both farmers and they work in their own field. They are aware of the im...

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Gowtham Kukkamudi

Gowtham and his brother are being raised solely by their mother after their fathers passing three years ago. He is a very bright boy and is even studying English in his free time when he's not p...

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Gregorio Ag Myo Tye

Gregorio is from a large family in a remote village with little to no transportation or schooling. His father travels with the priest to tour different villages, offering boarding and schooling ...

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Gregory (BU05-0175)

Gregory is the youngest of nine children total, from a poor family. their father is ill and bedridden, while their mother does the best she can and works as a gardener. Their mother has ple...

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Gregory Neing

The parents of Gregory Neing are Victor Neing and Mariana. The father does odd jobs, likes driving vehicles (automobiles, tractors, tishaws, etc) and during the raining season he cultivates rice...

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