The Sponsorship At A Distance Program was built to serve children, youth, disabled persons, and seminarians


When you choose to donate to PIME, your donation provides nutritious food, clothing, medical care, housing, school supplies, further education opportunities, living expenses, seminarian education, & so much more!

Luka Kyaw San

Luka comes from a very large family with eight children! His parents earn a living by cutting taungya and working as gardeners, but work is scarce. Luka is currently in sixth grade at Thaukyekha...

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Ma Aye Shwe

Aye Shwe is seven years old and she is in first grade this school year (2016-17). Her parents are U Cho and Daw Ma Saw. Aye Shwe is the youngest daughter in the family. She has one elder brother...

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Maddalena Bu Gha

Maddalena is the second oldest of four children in her family living in a remote village, being raised solely by their mother after their fathers passing a few years ago. Maddalena and her ...

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Maddalena Kay Mar

Sisto U Byah Reh and his wife Martina Daw Mi Mar have five children in their family. Maddalena Kay Mar is the second youngest daughter. The names of the five children are Joseph Moe Reh Veronica...

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Mahendra Babu Buraga

Both his parents are daily agricultural laborers. He has one older brother, studying in the eighth grade. They are very poor. His father's health is also not very good, as he is diabetic. His mo...

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Mahesh Mathangi

Mahesh is the elder of two siblings. His parents are daily wage laborers. He has one elder sister; her name is Shirisha. He is staying in Deenamithra Hostel at Dharmasagar. He is st...

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Mahi Pantham

Mahi is now in eighth grade and she is a very bight girl. Being the oldest of three children, she is very mature for her age and looks at herself as a role model for her younger siblings. Mahi h...

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Ma Htun Mu

Ma Htun is currently in tenth grade, her last year of high school. She is still unsure if she will continue her education once she graduates because she is unsure of what she wants ...

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Ma Louise Sein Let Let Moe

Ma Louise is the second youngest of five children born to poor farmers who have both passed; her mother when she was only four years old, and her father who died five years later. There was...

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Ma Margaret

Ma Margaret belongs to a family with 8 members. As the family is large, the parents cannot support all their children's studies. They live on farming, but the area is on high land a...

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Ma May Lin

Ma May Lin is from a large family, being one of nine children! She recently started ninth grade, and she is doing very well in school and plans on continuing her education at the Un...

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Ma Nar Kyaw

Ma Nar Kyaw is fourteen and is quite behind in school. The village where her family lives has no schooling, so when she came to the Sisters at St. Paul's, she was behind in her education. Ma Nar...

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