The Sponsorship At A Distance Program was built to serve children, youth, disabled persons, and seminarians


When you choose to donate to PIME, your donation provides nutritious food, clothing, medical care, housing, school supplies, further education opportunities, living expenses, seminarian education, & so much more!

Chandu Pidathala

His parents are tailors. There is a huge age gap between them. His father is physically handicapped, he has one hand only. His mother is deaf and dumb. They have a son and a daughter. They find ...

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Cherry MiMi Khine

Cherry is bright and has a great personality, she's doing very well socially and academically. She loves to help the sisters decorate and arrange the flowers in the chapel, and on Saturday,...

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Chinna Vasumathi Vipparla

Chinna does very well in school and her favorite subject is English. Her parents struggle to find work to be able to provide for the family, so they have asked Fr. Innaiah for assistance with sc...

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Christina Thodeti

Christina is one of four children coming from a poor family of day laborers. They are unable to give their children luxuries that we take for granted each day until they were told about the Spon...

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David Ai Pi

David is one of seven children coming from a poor family in a village 30 miles from Hsipaw. David has grown up in a Catholic family, celebrating mass and receiving the sacraments is all he knows...

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David La Khye

After the birth of two cildren (Gregory Lireh and David La Khye), the mother, Maria Daw Soo Mar, became mentally ill. The disease worsened and the husband abandoned her and the children for some...

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David Nyi Nyi Htwe

The parents of David Nyi Nyi (Ciprano and Monica) are subsistence farmers. They live in Gnu Blo Village near Loikaw. They are very hard working and live frugally. They are three siblings (all bo...

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Dee Ester

Dee Ester and her older brother, Kyar War, were brought to St. Pauls by their elderly grandmother last year. They went to live with her after the passing of their mother in 2018 (their fath...

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Dorena Mya Khin

Dorena is a very happy and healthy young woman. She is studying very hard and it's showing in her school work, she has not failed one exam yet! In her free time, she loves to hang out with her f...

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Durga Gunja

Durgas condition is very miserable. Her father does not like her being a girl child and abandoned her. She has two younger brothers. Her mother and younger brothers are living with the father. D...

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E Daunt

E Daunt is doing very well in school and lives at the boarding house. He likes to help the priests out at the parish and hopes to one day become a priest himself.

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Ei Phyu Sin

Ei Phu Sin is in her first year at the university and she is doing quite well in school. She is focusing on the basics of her education right now but plans on majoring in economic...

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