Bathrooms and Clean Water Provided By USA Supporters to Holy Cross Hostel

Published Thu, Apr 02, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to the help of PIME USA donors Sr. Stella Natalina is happy to report the completion of the project for the bathrooms and water tank for Holy Cross Hostel.   Sister wrote that “Toilets have been done in due time. The children are able to use them comfortably and decently. The water tank now supplies water to the washing hall, bathroom and kitchen. Both sisters and children have pure water. We are privileged to have this once in a life opportunity.”  Sister expresses her great appreciation for the help of PIME USA donors. The funds have allieviated suffering and the children feel “cherished”. She states the project has facilitated effective community work, and the sisters can better provide help to families.  The Reparation Sisters and children keep you in their prayers and are grateful for your support of this project.

New Bathrooms and Water Tank at Holy Cross Hostel