Dorokhu Boarding School Secure Thanks to PIME USA Donors

Published Mon, Jan 20, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Sr. Maria Rita has informed us that the project for the security wall of the Dorokhu Girls Boarding school in Myanmar has been completed.  Sister has informed us the old collapsed wall was replaced by a new construction or reinforced in some spots where the present wall was still in good condition. The wall was also made higher.  Sister tells us of the peace the new security brings the sisters and all the girls. They no longer need to worry about animal attacks, destruction by strangers or and there is no longer a risk of intrusion. The girls are also now safely kept inside the compound, adding to their lessons in formation and social awareness. They are also free to grow vegetables and seasonal fruits within the compound.  Sister Maria Rita and the girls of Dorokhu are grateful for your support and assistance.