Lepers Continue Receiving Much Needed Help from PIME USA

Published Wed, Mar 18, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Fr. Michael D’Cruze recently updated us on the treatment, care and therapy that the patients at Dhanjuri Leprosy Control Center (DLC) continue to receive. DLC is a charitable program of the Catholic Church in the Dinajpur Diocese in Bangladesh and serves people of all faiths in the diocese. 

Fr. Michael thanked PIME USA donors for their support of the Center. He informed that in 2019 the Center treated a total of 4,465 individuals finding 273 new cases of the disease.  Last year they had a total of 238 patients on continued treatment, with 299 patients completing their full treatments.

DLC’s operations include case detection, treatment, prevention of deformity, community-based Rehabilitation and education to the community and patients. The DLC continues to support the community of Dinajpur as a center committed to the prevention, treatment and education regarding leprosy thanks to the help of PIME USA supporter.

Photos of the project - a new patient for treatment (top), home visits to patients (middle), medication provision (bottom):