Orphans Receive Clean Water and Poultry

Published Tue, Jan 21, 20. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to the help of PIME USA donors Sr. Rose Mary Khin Pan is happy to report “great results”.  They made a major repair to a usable well from which they now get water. The repaired well is now providing the Orphanage with clean water and the whole community enjoys drinking clean, fresh water. The well water is sufficient for drinking, cooking, etc. Sister reports “This is an amazing project they completed successfully. We pump water every day.”

She also has informed us they have completed the construction of the chicken coop. The old structure was completely demolished, and they built a new, larger one. Now they can breed more than one hundred chickens for meat. The new building has been solidly constructed and fenced around with wire netting, so that chickens cannot fly over the fence. The chickens will be well fed in their coop in order to prevent them from destroying plants and vegetables as well. Also just as important, they will now be totally free from bird flu infection. Sister anticipates providing the children with frequent fresh chicken meals.  Thank you for assisting the most vulnerable and needy.