Update on PIME Seminary Project in India

Published Mon, Dec 23, 19. Written by Kathleen Connors.

The project for installing a new motor borewell and irrigation pipeline for cultivating the land at the PIME Valarpirai minor seminary located in Agirimangalam in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu in lndia has hit an obstacle. Fr. Augustine Mundupalakal reports they have already planted the coconut plants and completed 90% of the project work.  But before they could complete the full project, the Kaveri River unexpectedly overflowed due to heavy rains. The flood waters completely immersed the coconut field. They are trying different ways to sort out the water problem but have had continuous rain and water coming from the river. Fr. Augustine hopes that the plants are safe as the waters recede, so they may complete the project. He and the seminarians are grateful for your help and support of this project. He will keep us updated on the progress as soon as the project can be completed. He and the seminarians are grateful for the support of PIME USA donors and your continued prayers for them, as you remain in theirs.