Wankan Hostel Bathrooms Completed in Myanmar

Published Thu, Oct 24, 19. Written by Kathleen Connors.

Thanks to the help of PIME USA donors Fr. Camillo Lo has completed the renovation of the Wankan hostel bathrooms.  Fr. Camillo informs us the construction of the bathroom project went quickly, finishing in just a month. As the Wankan parish is one of the remotest areas of the Taunggyi Archdiocese transportation is more difficult, and materials are more costly. But with your help the children are now healthier and happier with their new bathrooms. Fr. Camillo tells us that parishioners in Wankan also feel morally supported. The parish and Fr. Camillo are extremely grateful to all of the PIME USA donors who supported this project, and they keep you in their daily prayers.