In the countries where our missionaries serve, education is most often a luxury that the average person cannot afford. Whether a child, youth, seminarian, or a person living with impairments an education can lead to a better quality of life, something that laborers cannot normally expect.

Sponsors break the vicious cycle of poverty by providing for the child’s education, housing, and food.

You can be a positive force, and help us make a big change, for just a small donation each month. Help us sponsor lasting change.

Vatti Bala Asritha

Vatti is the oldest of three children and the first to attend school. She is currently in her last year of high school and plans to attend University; she wants to help care for her parents...

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Venu Katam

Venu's parents are both daily workers in the agricultural fields. He and his older brother are both studying at the high school with his brother being in his last year. In his free time, Venu li...

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Veronica Chin Shan Eie

Veronica and her two older brothers are orphans after their parents passed away less than a year apart. The children were taken to live with their aunt, a nurse who recently lost her job. T...

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Veronika Myat Htwe

Veronika is in seventh grade, she is a very bright girl and does extremely well in all of her classes. In her free time, she likes to read, she always has a book with her so that she can read wh...

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Villiam Manohar Paul Nelapati

Villiam Manohar Paul has an older brother in the same school. His father is a day laborer, and his mother is a housewife. It is very challenging for the parents to meet the expenses of their son...

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Vilson Kanakam

Vilson is the elder of two siblings, one is recently married, and the other is studying at the university. His family lives in a nearby village, so Vilson is able to walk to school easily. He is...

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Vincent Bappy Murmu

Vincent Bappy is from Puthimari village in northwest Bangladesh.  His father is a day laborer, and his mother is a housewife.  He has two sisters.  He attends Kindergarten at the ...

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Vincent Sha Reh

Vincent is currently in fourth grade and doing very well in school, he even helps his classmates that are struggling with their schoolwork. In his free time, he likes to p...

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Vishal Vaskula

Vishal is the elder of two siblings. His parents are daily wage laborers. He has one younger brother whose name is Nivas. Vishal is studying and living at St. Thomas school in ...

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Wanraphon Lichee

Wanraphon is the oldest of two girls from a poor family from a village in northern Thailand near the Myanmar border. She is studying in seventh grade and hopes to become a nurse one day. Wanraph...

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Wasana Chemu

Wasana is a young girl that comes from a village near the Mae Say district. She is doing very well in school, is at the top of her class, and helps tutor children after school. She enjoys playin...

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Wilfred Nge Nge

Wilfred is the youngest of seven siblings. The parents are poor farmers, and they cannot support all their children, and they want their children to have an education. He is a good boy and does ...

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