In the countries where our missionaries serve, education is most often a luxury that the average person cannot afford. Whether a child, youth, seminarian, or a person living with impairments an education can lead to a better quality of life, something that laborers cannot normally expect.

Sponsors break the vicious cycle of poverty by providing for the child’s education, housing, and food.

You can be a positive force, and help us make a big change, for just a small donation each month. Help us sponsor lasting change.

Adisak Lechoe

Adisak is the youngest of four children living in a small village in northern Thailand. Through the sponsorship program, Adisak can attend school this year, he is in third grade, and he is ...

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Adisat Moule

Adisat is the youngest of four children from a poor family in northern Thailand near the Myanmar border. He is in second grade and doing well in school, and he likes to play football with h...

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Akash Tiriveedhi

His father is a daily worker in a musical band and his mother is a tailor. He has a younger brother who is studying in first class and a younger sister who is studying in&nbs...

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Akhil Raju Bhupathi

Akhil's father is an agricultural laborer and his mother cooks food for the children in a school. He is currently in seventh-grade and he's doing quite well in school. In his free time, he likes...

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Alosious Preetham Kommareddy

His parents are farmers. Alosious has one younger brother named Bala Ruchith. Both are studying at St Vincent school and walk there every day.


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Anejul Apon Biswas

Anjelus is an excellent boy who comes from a underprivileged tribal family. He has one brother and two sisters, and his parents are day laborers, working hard for their landlord and not ear...

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Angelo Chit Hlaing

Angelo is currently in ninth grade and is doing very well in school. In his free time, you can see him playing football often, he is always on the field playing with his friends. 

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Anna Priosi Hembrom

Anna Priosi Hembrom comes from a very poor tribal family. Her parents are both farmers, and their income is not enough to give their daughter an education. Anna is currently in fifth grade ...

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Anthony Mg Myat

Anthony is from a very large family, having ten brothers and sisters. Most of his older siblings could not continue schooling; they had to leave to help their family by taking care of the childr...

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Antonio Ye Aung

Antonio comes from a village in the mountains where there is no school, parish, and in some places, barely any electricity. Antonio was brought to Theinkyint by a priest who tours in the differe...

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Aravind Gujjarlapudi

His father is working in a rice mill. It is a seasonal job. His mother is a daily laborer. He has a younger brother who is studying in the first grade. They are very poor. They cannot eat unless...

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Arun Agliku

Arun comes from a poor village, which is on its way to development. His parents are quite old, but they still work hard. Arun has three older sisters (one is already married, and one is studying...

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